summertime sadness;
23 years old. spazzy. graphic designer. believes in magic and unicorns. dresses up as anime characters. part-time dog groomer. full-time fangirl.

"I will never grow up. Make beleive is muich to fun!" - 'Brightly Wound' by Eisley

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Petite Étrangère preview (x)

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Leaf bug (Phyllium giganteum)

The constant wobbling as they move is a part of their disguise, making it seem as though the “leaf” is only moving because of a light breeze.

If you blow on one it will also shake around in the hopes of matching any actual surrounding leaves

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 neon genesis evangelion + faceless  

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a detailed list of things i hate

  • hot weather
  • high temperatures
  • heat
  • warmer than average conditions