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23 years old. spazzy. graphic designer. believes in magic and unicorns. dresses up as anime characters. part-time dog groomer. full-time fangirl.

"I will never grow up. Make beleive is muich to fun!" - 'Brightly Wound' by Eisley


Let the Usagi&Ami feels commence.

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By far the stupidest criticism of the new Thor is ‘no where in Norse mythology is Thor a woman, stop messing with mythology.’

Right, because Norse mythology is just fucking filled with stories about Thor hanging out with Iron Man and Captain America at the Avengers Tower.

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fangirl challenge: [2/7] animated movies → brave

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I finished new art of my favorite monster babes!

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Jemma Simmons Appreciation Week

Day 7: free day → Jemma Simmons + favourite outfits/hair

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I’m going to go talk to him.

To an Archangel? You really want to do that?

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Last year I had a friend in Japan who was willing to pick me up the La Reconquista program during one of the shows. She’s no longer there and wont be attending Petite Etrangere.

I’m willing to pay the price of the item + something for their time.

Does anyone know of someone attending Petite Etrangere that would be willing to pick me up a poster (if they are offering one) and a program?


Whether old fan or new, Classic or Crystal, comic or animation, musical or tokusatsu, we are all fans of the story of the pretty soldier in a sailor suit.

We all are fans. Don’t let anyone tell you differently depending on which adaptation you prefer.

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